A shout out of thanks to our colleagues at Mindarie Chiropractic Centre for their role in this mum and baby’s journey.

I highly value the input and light manual therapy of all the chiropractors I regularly work with.

This mum reported she has a different baby and has become an advocate for bodywork. She was happy to share the value she perceived after her initial uncertainty.

Today I want to highlight the important role that chiropractic work can play in helping breastfeeding babies.

This mum and baby presented two weeks ago for tongue tie assessment by referral from their child health nurse. I confirmed tongue tie but suggested the option of chiropractic treatment first to relieve neck tightness as he had a head turn preference to the right side.

They returned today to proceed with tongue tie release and I asked mum to share her experience. Listening to the collective experience of many parents and babies like this pair is the reason why I am open to this treatment, and collaboration with many chiropractors and osteopaths across WA.

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