Prepare to unravel the mysteries of airway health as we journey into the realm of healthy sleep and jaw development with our distinguished guest, Dr. Shereen Lim, a dentist specializing in this unique field. We’ll shine a light on intriguing topics such as the impact of breastfeeding on muscle development and airway health, and the significance of early intervention. Harnessing Dr. Lim’s expertise, we’ll venture into discussions about common problems like breastfeeding issues, reflux symptoms, swallowing challenges, and speech troubles, and how they’re linked to airway health and tongue ties.

Discover the significant role that tongue positioning plays in neural transmission to the brain, guided by Dr. Lim’s insight. As we continue along this investigative journey, we’ll explore the potential risks associated with overlooking these problems, highlighting the importance of early intervention before they become a lifelong struggle.

But that’s not all, we’ll also be discussing the myomunchee appliance and its role in promoting lip seal and more normal swallowing patterns. These concepts are not just related to speech development, but can also help those grappling with thumb-sucking and posture issues. Also, Dr. Lim will be sharing valuable resources such as her book, “Breathe, Sleep, Thrive” and her professionals-only Facebook group “Airway Health 4 Kids”. Join us for this enlightening episode and gain an in-depth understanding of the significance of airway health and its far-reaching effects on both infants and adults.

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