Did you know that it is normal to have a fleshy attachment between the upper lip and the front of the top gum?

This attachment is called a lip-tie when it restricts normal mobility of the upper lip.

The upper lip needs to be mobile to achieve a deeper latch, and can be important to achieve a good seal to prevent air swallowing and reflux-like symptoms.

Despite the varying thickness of flesh, the images on the left are all NORMAL attachments with good mobility of the upper lip. There is no significant tension noted when the upper lip is elevated and no intervention is required.

On the right side, are images of upper lip-ties. The mobility of the upper lip is restricted, there is tension when the upper lip is elevated, and in some cases, they create a notch in the bone between where the upper front teeth will come through.

If you are experiencing feeding issues and are unsure about whether your baby has an upper lip-tie, it is worth an assessment.

In many cases where people present for an upper lip-tie consult, we do find that it ends up being a tongue-tie that is the bigger functional issue.