Palate expansion is a very helpful intervention to improve nasal airway in children with chronic nasal obstruction or congestion.
This father shares his family’s experience with their son’s palate expansion.
He had been struggling to breathe through his nose, was snoring, teeth grinding, and had un-restorative sleep. They were reluctant to proceed with nasal surgery proposed by an ENT surgeon.
Their general dentist referred him to us for a second opinion, and we commenced palate expansion.
Both child and parents noticed that he could breathe through his nose, by their first review appointment at the 4 week mark.
Now, at around the 3 month mark, dad was happy to share that these improvements have held. Their whole family has been happy that our patient is sleeping better, focusing better, and is less irritable.
Let’s not overlook the structural contribution of high narrow palate/nasal floor to poor nasal airflow and disturbed breathing during sleep.
Any orthodontic procedure carries risk, and individual results may vary.
Before proceeding with treatment, you should seek a second opinion with specialist orthodontist.